PlayStation 4 controller Surfaces: DualShock 4

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Finally, leaks are starting to coming out from nowhere days before PS4 paper launch. This time PS4 controller pics have been emerged online. Some says these are prototypes. But most of them say it’s indeed the final controller. Some parts of the new controller looks inspired from Playstation Vita and xbox 360 controllers. On Top of the controller there’s Move Tracking Light glowing. At the center of the touchpad there’s the touch pad. And the analog sticks are modified. Between the two analog sticks there’s the Playstation button. Above that you can see speaker and below that you can see an unknown port. It could be an audio jack or something. And there is mysterious button near the new D-Pad. Possibly share button or select button.
Feb 20 Update : Couple of hours left to start PS Event And here's another leak if you can't wait. 


  1. Xbox One: More AAA exclusives, better multitask, more multimedia, Skype, 300,000 servers, face recognition, ability to play 2 games at once, doesn't freeze during gameplay like PS4, more partnerships, better achievement system, better matchmaking system, etc.

    PS4: touchpad, lightbar, cheaper.

  2. I am liking the fatter controller designs making it easier on the hands.

  3. The new console, doubling the storage of the current model, will follow a ... Sony didn't reveal when the 1TB PlayStation 4 would debut in the US or other non-PAL regions.
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